Jan Wilkins
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Jan Wilkins is a retired teacher and taught art in secondary and primary schools. She began sculpting in 1988 under the tutorship of Shirley Fraser, portrait and garden sculptor, who subsequently asked Jan to take over her classes when she retired. Since then Jan has enjoyed sculpting in many media – wood , plaster, concrete, stone and metal, but today she concentrates on ceramic forms.

Bone china disc with driftwood and slate

Her interests and inspirations are eclectic. She loves experimenting with surface decoration and various types of clay. Another love is to create pieces with messages and meaning, inspired after hearing a talk by artist Paul Scott on his narrative sculpture.

Responsible for Extinction

This sculpture was inspired by the woodcut of a rhinoceros made in 1515 by Albrecht Dürer, who had never seen the real animal. He was fascinated by this wonderful and bizarre animal and worked only from a written description and sketch by someone else. Jan Wilkins was moved by the plight of the rhinoceros as described in an article in The Times. African rhinos are being hunted to extinction for their horn, which commands huge prices - more than gold. Soon we could end up in the same situation as Dürer, unable to ever see the actual animal.

To highlight this tragic trade Jan has produced a limited edition of this fancifully decorated rhino with the title and message Responsible for Extinction written in Chinese down the horn. This involved the construction of a complicated 14 piece press mould.

Jan Wilkins - Artist & Sculptor


Black and white earthstone clay.

Black and White Earthstone Clay


Chain Saw Pots

She has developed bold hand-built pieces from slabs of clay, impressed into random chain saw cuts, treated with oxides and fired mostly to stoneware or raku.

Saw Cut Mitre

Saw Cut Vessel

Chainsaw bowl


Mop Painting

Large Vessel

This very big coil pot (20" x 27" x 9"), painted with a household floor mop, dipped in oxides was chosen, along with the chainsaw bowl, in the prestigious Harrogate Open Exhibition at The Mercer Art Gallery, Sept 2012 to January 2013.

Mop Painting

Mop Painting


Design Development

Jan is always aware of the design element in her work. Sometimes she takes something organic, such as a plum stone, and develops and exaggerates the shape to create a sculptural form. In this case the plum stone from the tree returns full circle in a metamorphic theme, as a tree hanging.

Plum-stone pot